Christmas warmth in Burgundy

Christmas warmth in Burgundy

One of the things we love about December in Burgundy is the change of landscape that occurs.

Not amongst the vines, though that happens too, but more throughout all the narrow Village streets and squares, as well as our majestic Churches and Town Halls.

On one hand you have the dark, cold nights, being coat, hat, scarf, and gloves weather.

On the other hand, there is the contrast of all the illuminated Christmas decorative lights that seem to project a glow of warmth, and breathe life into these centuries` old buildings and streets`

The Meursault Mairie in all its splendour is shown below.

All we need to complete this Christmas card scenario is to have a snowfall. But in 14 years, we have only had one ‘white Christmas’ so we are not holding our breath!




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