La Buissonniere restaurant, Beaune.

New, fresh, delightful.

New restaurants, or change of ownership occur in Beaune on a fairly regular basis.

We have observed previously that too many of them offer similar style dishes, rarely venturing far from your traditional Burgundian fare such as coq au vin and beouf bourgognoin.

To satisfy our hunger for variety, we have very quickly adopted the newly opened la Buissonniere as our current favourite.

The décor created by Owners/Operators Sebastien and Charlotte looks like it has been thrown together by someone visually impaired, and we love it. It all hangs together to create a quirky, charming, old worldly effect that projects a warm and homely ambiance

The kitchen is partially open so it is possible to watch Charlotte applying her cooking skills while you are sipping on a recommended wine that Sebastien will have served you with a twinkle in his eye.

The menu is not broad but its variety more than compensates. Entrees can range from foie de volaille, crumbed porc based rolls, chorizo sausage with toast, and frogs legs served with garlic and parsley. The latter were delicious!

Amongst the mains you may find, ravioli with langoustine, herbs and tomatoes, and duck filet with pumpkin and parsnip.

My dessert was so good I put up the `hands off` sign to my dining companions. A caramelised meringue, with an inner of nougat rice and chocolate.

Prices are moderate that results in excellent value for money. The `addition` for three of us was 148 euros that included starters, main, one dessert, three coffees, a bottle of chardonnay and a glass each of dessert wine.

Located at 34 rue Maufoux (same street as Le Cep hotel) la Buissonniere is open every week day, closed Saturday and Sunday.


Some tables make good viewing as Charlotte goes about her work
Warm, cosy decor and ambiance

Le Buissonniere


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