Hospice de Beaune – charity wine auction

The 2015 edition, the 155th, of the world famous Hospice de Beaune charity wine auction, is coming up during the weekend of 13-15 November.

The event, that attracts thousands of wine lovers from near and far, is a significant event on the wine calendar and is well publicised via wine blogs, newsletters and the general media.

What may not be so commonly known is the `buzz` that is created in Beaune over this weekend.

On each of the three days, outside of the Sunday auction, there is a full programme of events and entertainment.

Place Carnot in the centre of Beaune hosts a tented `Burgundy Village` were artisans display a myriad of mostly hand made products. There are local food delicacies to be tasted, and naturally wine tastings abound.

Several street processions take place often accompanied by raucous music. Separately, there are numerous street-side musical recitals with performers ranging from an Albanian folk group, to a group promoting the music and culture of Brittany, to a Burgundian team of Scottish bagpipers – now there`s a surprise!

Other attractions include a 4km night jog around the streets and Remparts of Beaune; a non-stop creperie stall; a competition to uncork wine bottles; and a half marathon through some of Burgundy`s best known wine villages and vineyards.

The ambiance in Beaune is a delight to experience, being one of fun, fellowship, and community spirit, with Beaune oozing its natural charm under a dazzling display of Christmas lights.


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